How to Use Figo Trader's Mirror Trading for Positional Trade Setup


Figo Trader

6/10/20242 min read

At Figo Trader, we believe in empowering our users with strategies that enhance their trading experience and success. One such strategy is mirror trading, particularly useful for setting up positional trades. This blog post will explain how to effectively use a mirror trade account, often a demo account, to fine-tune your positional trading strategy.

What is Mirror Trading?

Mirror trading involves duplicating trades from one account (usually a live account) to another (often a demo account). This technique allows traders to test and refine their strategies in a risk-free environment before committing real capital.

Importance of a Mirror Trade Account

When running a positional trade setup, having a mirror trade account is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Risk Management: By using a demo account, traders can test their strategies without risking real money. This helps in understanding how the strategy performs under various market conditions.

  2. Strategy Refinement: It allows traders to adjust and optimize their strategies based on real-time performance feedback without financial loss.

  3. Psychological Comfort: Trading in a demo account reduces the emotional stress associated with trading, allowing traders to focus purely on strategy and execution.

Steps to Set Up Mirror Trading for Positional Trades

1. Open a Mirror Trade Account

  • Demo Account Setup: Open a demo account with the same broker where your live account is held. Ensure that the account types are identical to match trading conditions like spreads, leverage, and execution speed.

2. Match Account Sizes

  • Account Size Alignment: Your demo account should have a balance close to your live account. This alignment ensures that your strategy's risk and money management rules are accurately tested.

3. Execute Trades Simultaneously

  • Mirroring Trades: Execute the same trades in both accounts. This means entering, adjusting, and closing trades in the demo account exactly as you do in the live account. Consistency is key to understanding the strategy's performance.

4. Analyze Performance

  • Performance Review: Regularly compare the performance of your trades in both accounts. Look for discrepancies and understand the reasons behind them. This analysis will help you fine-tune your strategy for better results.

5. Adjust and Optimize

  • Strategy Optimization: Based on your performance review, make necessary adjustments to your strategy. Test these adjustments in the demo account before applying them to your live account.

Benefits of Using Figo Trader's Mirror Trading

Enhanced Strategy Testing

Using a mirror trade account allows traders to rigorously test their positional trade setups in a controlled environment. This testing helps in identifying potential weaknesses and strengths in the strategy.

Improved Confidence

As traders see their strategies succeed in a demo environment, their confidence in executing the same trades in a live account increases. This confidence is crucial for maintaining discipline and consistency.

Cost-Effective Learning

Mirror trading with a demo account is a cost-effective way to learn and improve trading strategies without the risk of financial loss. It provides a practical, hands-on learning experience.


Mirror trading is a powerful tool for traders looking to refine their positional trade setups. By using a demo account to mirror trades, traders can manage risk, optimize strategies, and build confidence. Ensure that your demo account size is close to your live account to achieve accurate and effective strategy testing.

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