Introducing the FIGO Bearish Rocket (Figo Crashing Rocket) Chart Pattern


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5/31/20242 min read

Understanding the FIGO® Bearish Rocket

In the world of technical analysis, chart patterns play a crucial role in predicting potential market movements. Today, we are excited to introduce a new bearish reversal pattern discovered by Figo Trader: the FIGO® Bearish Rocket, also known as the Figo Crashing Rocket.

What is the FIGO® Bearish Rocket?

The FIGO® Bearish Rocket is a distinct bearish reversal pattern that typically forms when a bullish expanding triangle appears near a significant resistance level. This pattern signifies a potential shift from bullish to bearish sentiment due to reduced buying pressure and the influence of a powerful selling zone acting as the ultimate resistance.

Key Features of the FIGO® Bearish Rocket

  1. Bullish Expanding Triangle:

    • The pattern initiates with a bullish expanding triangle close to a major resistance level.

    • This formation indicates initial bullish strength but starts to show signs of exhaustion as it nears resistance.

  2. Failure to Continue:

    • The bullish move fails to sustain as buying pressure diminishes.

    • Proximity to a strong selling zone increases the likelihood of a bearish reversal.

  3. Confirmation Patterns:

    • To confirm the bearish breakout, look for additional bearish patterns such as a Double Top, Triple Top, or an Inverse Head and Shoulders (Inverse HnS).

How to Trade the FIGO® Bearish Rocket

Identify Major Resistance:

  • Begin by identifying the expanding triangle forming near a significant resistance level.

Check for Bullish Exhaustion:

  • Observe for signs of weakening bullish momentum within the triangle.

Look for Confirmation Patterns:

  • Strengthen your bearish outlook by identifying additional reversal patterns like a Double Top, Triple Top, or Inverse HnS.

Monitor the Breakout:

  • A confirmed breakout below the lower boundary of the expanding triangle signals a bearish reversal.

Trading Strategy

Entry Point:

  • Consider entering a short position upon a confirmed breakout below the expanding triangle, especially if additional bearish patterns are present.


  • Place a stop-loss above the recent swing highs within the expanding triangle to manage risk.

Profit Target:

  • Aim for support levels or use Fibonacci retracement levels to set your profit targets.


The FIGO® Bearish Rocket offers traders a reliable pattern to identify potential bearish reversals, leveraging the psychological dynamics of resistance levels and the exhaustion of bullish pressure. By incorporating this pattern into your trading strategy, you can enhance your ability to spot and capitalize on market reversals.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates from Figo Trader. Happy trading!

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