Introducing the Figo Bullish Prism: A Powerful New Chart Pattern


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6/9/20242 min read

Example of Figo Bullish Prism on Volatility 250 Index chart
Example of Figo Bullish Prism on Volatility 250 Index chart

At Figo Trader, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of market analysis to bring you the most effective trading tools and strategies. We are thrilled to introduce our latest discovery: the Figo Bullish Prism chart pattern. This innovative pattern is designed to provide traders with highly accurate signals, helping you make more informed decisions in the volatile trading landscape.

What is the Figo Bullish Prism?

The Figo Bullish Prism is a unique chart pattern identified through meticulous analysis and extensive testing. It is characterized by its distinct prism shape, which captures significant market movements and trends. The pattern is particularly effective in identifying potential bullish reversals, making it an invaluable tool for traders looking to capitalize on upward market movements.

Key Features of the Figo Bullish Prism

  1. Clear Geometric Shape: The pattern forms a precise prism shape, making it easy to identify on the charts. The clean lines and defined structure help in pinpointing exact entry and exit points.

  2. Reliable Signals: The Figo Bullish Prism has been tested across various market conditions and has consistently provided reliable bullish signals.

  3. Versatile Application: This pattern can be applied to a range of assets, including Deriv indices, Forex pairs, and synthetic indices, offering flexibility to traders across different markets.

  4. Enhanced Accuracy: By focusing on specific market movements, the Figo Bullish Prism enhances the accuracy of your trading signals, helping you to make more precise trades.

How to Trade with the Figo Bullish Prism

Trading with the Figo Bullish Prism involves identifying the pattern on your charts and using it to inform your trading decisions. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Identify the Pattern: Look for the distinct prism shape on your trading charts. The pattern typically forms after a period of market consolidation, indicating a potential bullish reversal.

  2. Set Entry Points: Once the pattern is identified, set your entry points at the breakout levels. The upper boundary of the prism indicates the point where bullish momentum is likely to gain strength.

  3. Determine Exit Points: Use the upper levels of the pattern to set your exit points. This ensures you capture the gains from the bullish movement while managing your risk effectively.

  4. Monitor Market Conditions: Keep an eye on overall market conditions and other technical indicators to confirm the signals provided by the Figo Bullish Prism.

Example of the Figo Bullish Prism

Attached to this post is an example of the Figo Bullish Prism identified on the Volatility 250 (1s) Index. The pattern highlights a clear bullish reversal, offering a strong entry point for traders:

In this example, you can see the well-defined prism shape and the subsequent bullish movement that follows the breakout.

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