Technical Analysis of Volatility 25 Index: Figo Trader's Insights


Figo Trader

6/10/20242 min read

Technical Analysis of v25 by Figo Trader
Technical Analysis of v25 by Figo Trader

At Figo Trader, we strive to provide our readers with insightful and actionable technical analysis. In this post, we will be discussing the recent movements and potential future trends of the Volatility 25 Index, as depicted in the chart above.

Chart Overview

The chart shows the daily price movements of the Volatility 25 Index over a span of several years. The primary focus is on a converging pattern, often referred to as a Symmetrical Triangle. This pattern is characterized by two trendlines that converge towards each other, indicating a period of consolidation before a potential breakout.

Key Levels and Trendlines

  1. Resistance Trendline: The upper black trendline acts as a resistance, connecting the series of lower highs from July 2021 through the present. This trendline is critical as it indicates the upper boundary where the price has struggled to break through.

  2. Support Trendline: The lower black trendline acts as a support, connecting the series of higher lows. This trendline is essential for identifying the lower boundary where the price has found support repeatedly.

  3. Support and Resistance Zones: The green and red shaded areas represent key support and resistance zones. The green zones indicate strong support levels where the price has historically found buying interest, while the red zones indicate resistance levels where selling pressure has been significant.

Technical Indicators

  • Current Price: The current price is approximately 2088.4980, indicating a slight upward movement (+2.7470 or +0.13%).

  • Historical Highs and Lows: The price has fluctuated within the defined trendlines, with notable highs around the 2400 level and lows near the 1300 level.

Potential Scenarios

  1. Bullish Breakout: If the price breaks above the resistance trendline, it could signal a strong bullish trend. Traders should watch for a breakout above the 2400 level, which could lead to further upward movement towards the next resistance zone around 2800.

  2. Bearish Breakdown: Conversely, if the price breaks below the support trendline, it could indicate a bearish trend. A breakdown below the 1800 level could lead to further declines towards the lower support zone near 1300.

  3. Continued Consolidation: The price may continue to consolidate within the symmetrical triangle. Traders should monitor the narrowing range closely, as the eventual breakout or breakdown will likely dictate the future trend direction.

Strategic Recommendations

  • For Bullish Traders: Consider entering long positions if the price breaks above the resistance trendline with strong volume confirmation. Set stop-loss orders below the previous support levels to manage risk.

  • For Bearish Traders: Look for short opportunities if the price breaks below the support trendline with significant volume. Place stop-loss orders above the recent highs to protect against potential reversals.

  • Neutral Stance: Traders who prefer to avoid uncertain markets might wait for a clear breakout or breakdown before committing to a position.


The Volatility 25 Index is currently in a crucial phase, trading within a symmetrical triangle pattern. This period of consolidation suggests that a significant move is imminent. By closely monitoring the key support and resistance levels, traders can position themselves to capitalize on the next major trend.

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