Understanding and Trading the "Figo Bullish Crystal" Pattern


Figo Trader

6/3/20242 min read

In the ever-evolving world of trading, discovering and utilizing unique chart patterns can give traders an edge in predicting market movements. Today, we introduce the "Figo Bullish Crystal" pattern, a distinctive formation that has shown promising results in indicating bullish breakouts. This blog post will delve into the details of this pattern, its characteristics, and how traders can effectively use it to enhance their trading strategies.

What is the "Figo Bullish Crystal" Pattern?

The "Figo Bullish Crystal" is a newly identified chart pattern that typically appears independently and resembles a hexagonal crystal with six sides. The pattern is characterized by its geometric shape and the tendency to break out upwards, suggesting a bullish market movement.

Key Features of the "Figo Bullish Crystal" Pattern

  1. Hexagonal Shape: The pattern's most distinctive feature is its six-sided, crystal-like appearance. This geometric formation provides a clear visual cue for traders to identify potential bullish setups.

  2. Breakout Direction: The pattern is known for its upward breakout, making it a reliable indicator for bullish trends. Traders can anticipate this breakout and position themselves accordingly.

  3. Take Profit Determination: The height of the "Figo Bullish Crystal" pattern can be used to determine the take profit levels. By measuring the vertical distance from the pattern's base to its peak, traders can set realistic and effective profit targets.

How to Trade the "Figo Bullish Crystal" Pattern

Trading the "Figo Bullish Crystal" pattern involves recognizing the formation, confirming the breakout, and strategically setting take profit levels. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Identify the Pattern: Look for the characteristic hexagonal shape on your trading charts. The pattern typically forms during periods of consolidation before a bullish breakout.

  2. Confirm the Breakout: Wait for a confirmed breakout above the upper boundary of the hexagonal pattern. This breakout should be accompanied by increased trading volume to validate the bullish signal.

  3. Set Entry and Stop-Loss Levels: Once the breakout is confirmed, enter the trade at the breakout point. Place a stop-loss order below the pattern's lower boundary to protect against false breakouts.

  4. Determine Take Profit Levels: Measure the height of the pattern and project this distance upwards from the breakout point to set your take profit level. This method ensures that your profit target is in proportion to the pattern's size.

Example Analysis

Refer to the attached chart for a visual representation of the "Figo Bullish Crystal" pattern. In this example, the pattern is clearly identified, and the breakout point is marked. The projected take profit levels are indicated by blue horizontal lines, providing a practical illustration of how to implement this strategy.

Benefits of Trading the "Figo Bullish Crystal" Pattern

  • Clarity: The distinct hexagonal shape makes it easier for traders to identify and act upon.

  • Reliability: The pattern's upward breakout tendency provides a high-probability trading opportunity.

  • Scalability: Suitable for various time frames, making it versatile for different trading styles.


The "Figo Bullish Crystal" pattern is a valuable addition to any trader's toolkit. By understanding its characteristics and applying the outlined trading strategy, traders can effectively capitalize on bullish market movements. Stay vigilant for this pattern in your charts, and remember to combine it with other technical analysis tools for the best results.

For more insights and updates on unique trading patterns, visit our blog regularly. Happy trading!